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Bryan Johnson is a very close friend to Kevin Smith, who has made appearances in Smith's New Jersey films as comic book fan Steve-Dave Pulasti.



He has written two comic books published by IDW, with Walt Flanagan providing the art:

  • Karney (2005) [1]
  • War of the Undead (2007) [2]


  • Has been a friend of Kevin Smith since Smith started working at a New Jersey rec center, along with Walt Flanagan.
  • He co-hosted episodes 26, 33, 34, 35, 59, 60 and 61 of SModcast with Smith.
  • Wrote and directed Vulgar, which screened at the 2000 Toronto Film Festival.
  • Was a set production assistant for Mallrats and Chasing Amy.
  • Likes to read comics, watch movies, rollerblade and plays street hockey, as do Smith and friend Walt Flanagan.
  • Worked with Kevin Smith at Quick Stop and RST Video.
  • Was the inspiration for Jeff Anderson's character, Randal Graves, in Clerks.
  • Was cut out of Chasing Amy, but his scene can be seen on the DVD.
  • Managed Kevin Smith's store Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash in Los Angeles.
  • Took creative writing classes with Kevin Smith when they both went to Brookdale Community College.
  • Had something of a falling out with Smith when they worked together at the Quick Stop and RST, which is why he did not appear in Clerks. After the movie got picked up for distribution, they buried the hatchet.
  • His name was used in "Dogma", in reference to a little boy that "urinated" in Bethany's hand (the boy was said to have died of leukemia).
  • Played Jesus Christ in "Big Helium Dog"
  • Is heavily into metal

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