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Drawing Flies is a View Askew Production made by two Canadian filmakers Malcolm Ingram and Matt Gissing. It was also financed by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier.


After they get cut off welfare, Donner (Jason Lee) leads four of his jobless, penniless roommates on a journey to find a cabin in the woods that belongs to his uncle. They get lost and stranded in the woods, without food or water or their bearings when their van breaks down. He eventually reveals to his roommates that the search for the cabin is really a search for Sasquatch. They, of course, think he's crazy. But to make matters worse, they uncover all kinds of bizarre and dangerous activity as they wander through the woods in search of not only Bigfoot himself, but any hope of a future...


Actor Role
Jason Lee Donner
Jason Mewes Az
Renee Humphrey Meg
Carmen Lee Cassidy
Martin Brooks Jake
Scott Mosier Diaperman
Kevin Smith (Credited as Silent Bob) John
Ethan Suplee (Credited as Willam Black) Ethan
Joey Lauren Adams Hippy Chick


  • While making Mallrats, Kevin met Canadian Film Threat journalist Malcolm Ingram and friend Matt Gissing and the three decided to make Drawing Flies.
  • Along with much of the cast of Mallrats, Kevin headed up to the Canadian wilderness and made the film.
  • The very same camera and type of film stock that was used to film Clerks was used to film this.
  • Actor Ethan Suplee referred to his experience in this film as one of the worst he ever experienced.
  • The film was only featured at a few film festivals before it was given a DVD release in 2002.
  • At the time of this film production, Jason Lee and Carmen Llywelyn were married and she went by his last name.
  • Ethan Suplee and Kevin Smith were credited respectively as Willam Black and Silent Bob, with the reasoning for the credit being as a result of Mallrats being filmed at the same time as Drawing Flies. Kevin is wearing his Silent Bob outfit from Mallrats, although the character is referred to by the name of John.
  • The title of this film was based on a Soundgarden song, from the album Badmotorfinger.
  • Is referred to as "The Lost View Askew film." Kevin Smith himself referred it as the "ugly red-headed step-child of View Askew."