Kevin Smith Wiki
  • Born: April 7th 1971

    Jennifer Schwalbach-Smith as Emma in Clerks II.

  • Mother of Harley Quinn Smith.
  • Former journalist for USA Today. Met her husband, Kevin Smith, via an interview with him.
  • Was photographed by her husband for Playboy's 50th Anniversary in the issue dated December 2003. She dressed as Lois Lane from the first "Superman" movie.
  • Sister-in-law of Virginia Smith.
  • After marriage did not change her name to Jen Smith because it sounded "Too Jane Doe like".
  • Jen has become one of the most popular posters on The Board, with a thread started by user QuantamLeap that reached a historic 722 pages before finally being locked by Ming. It has since been followed up subsequently by ten more threads, totalling almost 93,000 posts in the archives (This does not count the current thread in Chatter).