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Zack Brown
Zack (Seth Rogen) decides that the perfect way to earn some extra money is to make a porno. Read more…
Miriam Linky
Miri (Elizabeth Banks) is Zack's roommate of 10 years. Their relationship has always been platonic... Read more…
Delaney (Craig Robinson) is Zack's co-worker and friend, who takes on the role of producer for their film. Read more…
Deacon (Jeff Anderson) is the camera-man for Zack and Miri. Read more…
Bubbles (Traci Lords) knows a trick or two from working at bachelor parties... Read more…
Stacey (Katie Morgan) agrees to act in their porno. Read more…

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The Kevin Smith Library
JaySilentBobSquare.jpg Clerks
Chasing Amy
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Zack and Miri Make a Porno
Jersey Girl
Clerks II
Red State
Yoga Hosers
Moose Jaws
Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

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Clerks: Sell Out
Red State

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