Federal Wildlife Marshal Willenholly is a character from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. His name comes from Land of the Lost's three main characters Rick Marshal, Will and Holly (in a deleted scene, Willenholly called an FBI agent named Sid N. Marty, a reference to Sid and Marty Krofft, who created Land of the Lost). The character was portrayed by Will Ferrell.

After the film's heroes are framed for a jewel heist, Willenholly arrives to investigate the lesser crime that involved the two in the theft of an orangutan named Susanne from the Provasic animal testing facility. Willenholly, along with a slew of Utah state police officers (the lead played by Brat Pack member Judd Nelson) catch the three at the local Arena diner. When Jay and Bob come out with Susanne (dressed as a child), the claim that "he" is their gay love child. Willenholly lets them go, not realizing that the kid was a monkey until they are long gone. Willenholly follows them into the sewers and into the duct of a dam. Susanne manages to trick Willenholly jump out of the duct and into the water so that she, Jay and Bob can escape.

Willenholly later arrives at the station house, soaked from head to toe. There he receives information that Jay and Bob are going to Hollywood. He ends up on Miramax studios, searching for the two and has a few near fatal mishaps on the way. When Willenholly finds the two on the set of the Bluntman and Chronic movie, he engages in a shootout with the female gang that actually pulled off the jewel heist. After knocking out the three other members of the gang, the fourth member Justice gives Willenholly the diamonds, confesses to the heist and asks for a reduced sentence so that she could get off to be with Jay. Willenholly, hoping it will boost his career, agrees. Willenholly and Justice are later seen walking out of the Bluntman and Chronic movie premiere, Willenholly being the only character to say anything positive about the film. He is also seen dancing at the Morris Day and the Time concert.

Comparisons to Sam GavertEdit

The character is a dimwitted version of the Chasing Dogma character Sam "Mad Dog" Gavert. Similarities between the two include:

  • Both incorrectly call the orangutan a monkey
  • Both are tricked by the assumption that Jay and Bob are gay.
  • Both make two references to The Fugitive; one reference to the famous "house speech", though Willenholly's was cut from the film and both parody the famous dam scene and end up being tricked into jumping into the water, though Mad Dog's fall was fatal. Mad Dog's design was also based on The Fugitive star Tommy Lee Jones.