This is a list of episodes of SModcast, a weekly podcast featuring filmmaker Kevin Smith and his long time producer partner Scott Mosier that features at Quick Stop Entertainment.

SModcast Guest HostsEdit

While the show is primarily hosted by Smith and Mosier, there have been several occasions when Mosier was unable to record, and his place was filled by one or more guest hosts.

Name Episode(s)
Walt Flanagan 13, 14, 24, 25, 34, 35, 50, 59, 60, 61
Bryan Johnson 26, 33, 34, 35, 59, 60, 61
Malcolm Ingram 14, 24, 25
Jennifer Schwalbach 20, 22, 23
Jason Mewes 16 (briefly), 36, 44
Harley Quinn Smith 47 (briefly), 54

Episode list Edit

Volume OneEdit

Title HostsGuest Host(s) Release Date Episode Number #
SModcast 1: Fisting Flipper Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier
none February 5, 2007 1
In which our heroes primarily puzzle over when "Oriental" became a derogatory term, as well as touch on the following subjects: the very tall, Pump Up the Volume, parental groping, the detritus that gets washed off a newborn, the notion of a Birth-Day celebration, mobile units, bear bars, and Wolfie.
SModcast 2: A Dubious Super-Power Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier
noneFebruary 12, 2007 2
In which our heroes ponder about C U Next Tuesdays, discuss the death of a human train wreck, compare amateur porn to Elmo, create a platform for Walt Flanagan's mayoral candidacy, contemplate dalliances with the famous, do bad Salma Hayek impressions, and discern exactly how spineless the fat one is as they relate tales of criminal victimization in major metropolitan areas.
SModcast 3: Sex and Violence and Bathrobes Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier
none February 19, 2007 3
In which our heroes plot to bilk the innocent out of a buck a pop, reminisce about an over-crowded condo, spend far too much time dreaming up the ultimate guest list, finally reveal the horrifying tale (tail?) of the Dog Fight, relive their own bloodiest battles, make with talk of a first handy, and recall a homoerotic adventure that finds two teens partially disrobing, strictly for the sake of boyhood shenanigans.
SModcast 4: Can I Get a (Masturbatory) Witness? Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier
none March 4, 2007 4
In which our heroes talk results, regrets, and rejoicements in relation to the Academy Awards, name-drop Scorsese like it'll get 'em laid, struggle to remember Illeana Douglas's name, reminisce about celebrity sightings and marvel over the need of the famous to eat, crack on “Krull”, ruminate on the men they'd concede to being rump-wrangled by, reveal the secret origin of Mos's middle initial, talk mysticism, Indian fakirs and Jesus's junk, bitch about why “In Search Of…” would never work in the age of the internet, discuss Mos's directorial aspirations, and unmask Kev's deepest shame (of the week).
SModcast 5: Nipples You Can Hang a Coat On Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier
none March 11, 2007 5
In which our heroes talk poker and casino etiquette, analyze Mos's frugality and greener instincts as well as his corn-oil burnin' car, chat about their missed moment of Oscar glory, muse about the danger of mouth-breathers at a comic book convention, come clean with tales of unsolicited homoerotic escapades from their youth, and refuse to shower in gym.
SModcast 6: Inverted Nipples Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier
none March 18, 2007 6
In which our heroes lament the death of a cinema legend[1], discuss the dead and other threats to the environment, analyze where billionaire authors' biggest nut comes from, catch up with Potsie while constantly incorrectly referring to Arnold's as Al's, reminisce about scholastic achievements, search for insight into an ex-girlfriend's mother's motivation in penning a very damning note, and get steamy with tales of teenage heavy petting.
SModcast 7: An Icelander Showing You Your Own Beating Heart Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier
none March 25, 2007 7
In which our heroes marvel over the success of "Wild Hogs", discuss theater-jumping with parental consent, lament a child's lack of keys, talk about Scott's sister yet again, fear sleeping on a foreigner's couch, puzzle over the chicken-hawk compulsion to be featured on "Dateline", show no interest in sex with teenagers, and have fun but don't run.
SModcast 8: The Entirely Too Over-Long Episode Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier
none April 2, 2007 8
In which our heroes puzzle over the merits of Rich Little and Danny Gans, review a foreign ruler's take on cinema, go on about Kev's "Reaper" stint for a while, discuss working for The Man, assess whether or not they've become whores, touch on what it's like for Mos to be the Green Goblin's kid's henchman, talk about editing-for-hire on "Who's Your Caddy?", and wrap up about twenty minutes later than they should've.
SModcast 9: Red, White, But Never Blue Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier
noneApril 8, 2007 9
In which our heroes pitch Canada on a new national slogan, suck off "Grindhouse", predict a world gone mad in which the deaf prey on the blind, figure out that "Planet of the Apes" was more than an hour long, delve further into Scott's home(s) and garden, revisit the skittish Wolfie, tell a tale of cross-breed passion betwixt a giant Yellow Lab and a miniature Dachshund, define the human cassolette, reveal dental hygiene as foreplay in the Smith household, pinpoint the time of day they're more likely to couple, brainstorm an exercise regimen that's predicated on murder, and find themselves troubled by the notion of fun.
SModcast 10: Eating a Chicken's Soul Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier
none April 22, 2007 10
In which our heroes chat coiffure, get into some weight-y issues, hatch a seminal diet, order a dollar's worth of fish, fear the sea, pinpoint the indignity of shark attacks, and fear bears, dinosaurs, and the duplicity of the fowl.
SModcast 11: A Fistful of Shame Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier
none April 29, 2007 11
In which our heroes talk interstellar joyrides, hotel-stays of yore, the perils of travel abroad, plus-sized swimwear, the best "Jaws" documentary ever made, day trips to death camps, and being brat-deep in a jungfrau.
SModcast 12: A Fat Kenickie Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier
none May 6, 2007 12
In which our heroes tread the boards]and let loose their inner-gay via a prolonged discussion about their Broadway experiences, hold their "Damned" nut, show a lack of respect for tenth grade Thornton Wilder, try to put Snoopy in the pound, get "Grease"-y, dramatize comic books, prevent Mewes from shanking a non-comics fan with a somewhat legal stiletto, fret where the Fourth Reich will emanate from, sort out Kevindia’s geopolitical impact on the continent of Mosieria, and overuse the term "moxie".
SModcast 13: SFodcast (or SWodcast) Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier (absent)
Walt Flanagan May 27, 2007 13
In which a hero falls... and gets temporarily replaced by a guest host, one man's trash becomes another man's trash at the local flea market, life behind a comic book store counter is brought to life with tales of a questionable customer base, and the war against the aggressors from the stars gains a production assistant.
SModcast 14: On Guard For Thee Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier (absent)
Walt Flanagan
and Malcolm Ingram
June 3, 2007 14
In which our heroes cross the border with a guest from the True North, talk of rods and analyze the "Loose Change" of UFOs, posit that even unidentified species worship the Devils, lament the loss of Bigfoot, question Nessie's diet, theorize how the Republicans can take the White House for the next one hundred terms, and reveal Canada's greatest shame.
SModcast 15: The Pretty-Good Worker Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier
none June 10, 2007 15
In which things go back to normal and our heroes discuss the passing of a bear-like legend, ruminate on the emotional and physical perils of pet ownership, confess to being cat people, fret over Weiners hunting weiners, become the Jolie of dog adoption, and incur the wrath of all right-thinking and decent people by spending nearly an hour trying to figure out whether Helen Keller was truly impaired or just party to an elaborate ruse.
SModcast 16: Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier
Jason Mewes June 17, 2007 16
In which our heroes rock some poker in the back (and liquor up front), opt to talk about the previous SModcast in lieu of new topics, enter "Jaws" as a length of measurement, enjoy an impromptu visit from a cinematic stoner and discuss his spicey endorsement prospects, try to wheel and deal for a starring role as a gay hustler, and enjoy looking at underwear.
SModcast 17: Doctor Poo Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier
none June 24, 2007 17
In which our heroes accept the fact that they listen to "the oldies", reminisce about a non-dry "Strike Back" set, figure out how they got west, toy with the notion of buying their childhood home, prematurely bury Ed McMahon, pull a multi-person Matt Hooper, and wrap up with a lot of scat-chat.
SModcast 18: White Flight Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier
none July 1, 2007 18
In which our heroes get out of the office, debate purchasing a helper monkey, live free and "Die Hard", get cut off in one-mile-an-hour traffic, investigate three generations of road rage, delve into the casual racism of old-timers, go "prison" with ice hooks and baseball bats, reveal mob ties, identify functioning alcoholics, reveal their hill-people secret origins, drink in the parking lot, learn the difference between "blue collar" and "white trash", and get an iPhone.
SModcast 19: We Owe It All to Nook-Nook Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier
none July 9, 2007 19
In which our heroes broadcast from a talking house, get their Trek on, briefly interrupt the proceedings to do some work, suss out why they never abused the casting couch, debate an indecent proposal, brag about oral proficiencies gone to waste, marvel over the frigid, define love, and hail the first cro-magnon sexual astronaut.
SModcast 20: Here Comes the Bride Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier (absent)
Jennifer Schwalbach July 16, 2007 20
In which the sausage party is crashed by a sausage patty, the feminine touch is heavily felt throughout, a de facto marriage counseling session ensues, uncomfortable sexual revelations are made, and made, and made some more.
SModcast 21: Little Outhouse on the Prairie Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier
none July 23, 2007 21
In which the patriarchy is restored and our heroes discuss a wide range of topics like Flushable Moist Wipes, the triumphant advent of Flushable Moist Wipes, the historical significance of Flushable Moist Wipes, dry corncobs vs. Flushable Moist Wipes, magic ice boxes vs. Flushable Moist Wipes, and “Heroes”.
SModcast 22: Schwalcast Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier (absent, away over seas)
Jennifer Schwalbach July 30, 2007 22
The return of the distaff, in which our heroes talk about the likelihood of running into former intimates at ComicCon, the bending of the space/time continuum in an effort to bed a younger version of your spouse, why divorce is not an option, inappropriate hugging of the famous, Marion Ravenwood: gender traitor, shame-shorts, insecurities both founded and unfounded, middle-aged proms, the world wide hair shirt, and Shecky.
SModcast 23: Good Vibrations Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier (absent, away over seas)
Jennifer SchwalbachAugust 6, 2007 23
The re-return of the distaff, in which our heroes discuss Canadian lockdown & toilet hijinks, reminisce about coming for the first time and losing it in a small town, get all “Sex And The City”, cross the point of no return, make note of body types and what city is best for them, decry the bane that is Star Tours, discuss how many kinds of wonderful the “Simpsons” premiere was, and find new lines to cross.
SModcast 24: Rigg-er, Please Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier (absent, away over seas)
Walt Flanagan
and Malcolm Ingram
August 13, 2007 24
In which the manager of a comic book emporium and a Canadian infamous for overstatement join forces with a newly-minted senior citizen to discuss past mistakes and the fallout of waging body parts, robotic scat games, hipping-up that which doesn't require.
SModcast 25: Lynching Vixen Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier (absent, away over seas)
Walt Flanagan
and Malcolm Ingram
August 20, 2007 25
In which our heroes spend an unhealthy amount of time deconstructing a Rankin Bass classic, do a “Midnight Express” with a pre-street-date DVD, kill a franchise, lament the loss of holiday-programming luster, fail to enjoy adolescent keggers, get the blues at a strip club, miss opportunities to smoke on campus, have their bagged-and-boarded books threatened, and explore the thickest, strongest apron strings in central Jersey.
SModcast 26: Beware The HoboKevin Smith
Scott Mosier (absent, sick)
Bryan JohnsonAugust 27, 2007 26
In which a special guest fills in for one of our heroes, prompting a heavy bout of reminiscences about what kind of purchases can set off parental fisticuffs, how metal is metal, what it means to be man-friends in Jersey, and saying goodbye to 42nd Street - all of which is interjected by a discussion of nature’s most evil arachnid.
SModcast 27: Scott-LandKevin Smith
Scott Mosier
noneSeptember 3, 2007 27
In which, after too long an absence, Mos finally returns… and has his heterosexuality repeatedly called into question. Also: a contest!
SModcast 28: Scottacita Wants a Carnita!Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier
noneSeptember 10, 2007 28
In which our heroes marvel at a canine onanist and other dog oddities, dissect barf-jobs, dream of seeing how Cheerios are made, expose the dirty secrets behind the Twinkie and the McDonald’s shake, and spend a long time discussing the Twenty Most Bizarre Experiments ever conducted.
SModcast 29: Harry Scotter and the Order of the PenisKevin Smith
Scott Mosier
noneSeptember 17, 2007 29

In which our heroes discuss The Boy Who Lived and the wizarding world way, way too much.

SModcast 30: Smith and WessonKevin Smith
Scott Mosier
noneSeptember 23, 2007 30

In which our heroes craft the ultimate form of punishment for a crime ripped from the headlines, debate the implementation and ethics of said ultimate punishment, and then answer questions from SMod fans.

Smodcast 31: Loneliness of the Long Distance MosierKevin Smith
Scott Mosier
noneOctober 1, 200731

In which our heroes ponder congress with strangers, arranged marriages, the Byzantine nature of the electoral college, the extent of principles (via the example of crop-shredding, sexually harassing monkeys), Darth Vader alerts, weight maintenance, the supposed joys of running, and climbing Everest.

Smodcast 32: I'm No FoolKevin Smith
Scott Mosier
noneOctober 8, 200732

In which our heroes learn to fear a very tiny water-dwelling killer, mark a passing with little pity, discover why a future in food services might not be the path to take, gift Kentucky with a new license plate slogan, wonder as to the whereabouts of beloved fast food icons, and impart a little lesson about common sense.

SModcast 33: Life Of BryanKevin Smith
Scott Mosier (absent, recorded while Mosier was sick)
Bryan JohnsonOctober 15, 200733

A blast from the (recent) past, in which a guest hero descends to fill the slot of a traveling hero, as the conversation begins with tales of liquid diet depression before turning towards reminiscences of Jersey - of college writing courses, old girlfriends, and Walt’s trouble getting paid - before winding up with remembrances of Mewes past.

SModcast 34: Jersey Justice LeagueKevin Smith
Scott Mosier (not there, Kevin Smith recorded while in Jersey)
Bryan Johnson
and Walt Flanagan
October 22, 200734

The Heroes of the East convene for a special Jersey round table, featuring epic tales of early friendship, "Star Wars" summers, a fecal tooth and a mother's love, a fecal ring quest and a decided lack of love, a friend's betrayal, how old is too old to attend a high school party, how to creep out an elementary school class whilst proposing to your wife, and the misfit zoo. TECHNICAL NOTE: Due to malfunctioning equipment, the sound quality may be a bit wonky - but the stories were just too good to lose.

SModcast 35: Dr. Smith & The Medicine ShowKevin Smith
Scott Mosier (not there, Kevin Smith recorded while in Jersey)
Bryan Johnson
and Walt Flanagan
October 29, 200735

In which the Jersey trio dissect each other’s pharmaceutical history, probe deep into the mind, make revelations aplenty, and bond on a whole new level.

SModcast 36: I’ll Stop the World and Melt with MewesKevin Smith
Scott Mosier (absent)
Jason MewesNovember 5, 200736

In which a pair of relics from mid-'90s pop culture talk about getting old and boring, examine the conditions under which sexual congress with the breathing challenged might be acceptable, discuss the alternative branches of a family tree, and take “Paper or plastic?” to a whole new level.

SModcast 37: In A Row?Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier
noneNovember 12, 200737

Our heroes go jumbo-length in celebration of an anniversary, using the time to explore a body-snatching scenario and the decision to pod or die, learn the boundaries of a hug, marvel at the cunning of a trapped deer, and plumb the depths of general ignorance.

SModcast 38: Leeroy Jenkem!Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier
noneNovember 19, 200738

In which our heroes embark on not only the happiest, but apparently also the heaviest cruise that ever sailed, flirt with bi-curiosity via, and get high huffing butt-hash.

SModcast 39: Of Berries and TwigsKevin Smith
Scott Mosier
noneDecember 3, 200739

In which our heroes engage in a frank discussion of inebriation, find out what happens when the Italian Harold decides Maude is a bit too old, and touch on the horrors of Alzheimer’s, how to spend your last 48 hours, the passing of Evel, the vindictiveness of jellyfish, and a future after the unkindest cut of all.

SModcast 40: Ned SmittyKevin Smith
Scott Mosier
noneDecember 10, 200740

In which our heroes return in a role-playing adventure through porn by casting a late 80’s convenience store clerk named Kevin in an unlikely role of a lifetime, chat about the aging effects of time on late 80’s cinema goddesses, and debate the merits of size over foppishness.

SModcast 41: Honkey!Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier
noneDecember 18, 200741

In which our heroes get into a discussion of the white man’s lack of reclaimed cultural terms of endearment before launching into an even more in-depth exploration of cultural terminology, try to come up with words to hurt each other, turn their sights on sites that feature comments that aim to be mean for mean’s sake, read a very special piece of listener mail, debate the history of the Christmas Tree in relation to self-mutilation, and wrap up with another dip into the SModcast mailbag, the best Oscar’s ever, and a Bat-Quickie.

SModcast 42: SMerry ChristmasKevin Smith
Scott Mosier
noneDecember 24, 200742

In which our heroes ring those silver bells in celebration of the holidays, chatting up all things related to the season, from the little baby Jesus to Conan the Barbarian.

SModcast 43: SMorpheusKevin Smith
Scott Mosier
noneJanuary 9, 200843

In which our heroes discuss SMod after death, and then descend into the Matrix to determine the reality of PodBabies, post-pod love, virtual weight loss, the power of a crappy life, and whether the virtual world makes a man happier.

SModcast 44: Thuffering ThucotashKevin Smith
Scott Mosier (absent; sleeping in)
Jason MewesJanuary 21, 200844

In which one of our heroes is accompanied by a special guest making his triumphant return with tales of orthodontia, long distance love, the bare necessities, cultural understanding, and talk of “Zack and Miri”. Plus, a quiz!

Volume TwoEdit

Starting at the end of January 2008, there was a several-month gap in podcast releases, as Smith and Mosier were filming Smith's eighth film Zack & Miri Make a Porno. Once shooting finished, the duo returned with their first episode in nearly three months on April 7, 2008. Due to this gap, many fans consider it to be the beginning of a new volume or "season" of the show, even though the show does not operate in a strict season format.

Title HostsGuest Host(s) Release Date Episode Number #
SModcast 45: The End of the SMod-fastKevin Smith
Scott Mosier
noneApril 7, 200845

In which our heroes finally appease the hunger with chatter about where they’ve been, what they’d do if they were “Lost”, and how they ride their mellow.

SModcast 46: Mr. Deaves Goes to TownKevin Smith
Scott Mosier
noneApril 14, 200846

In which our heroes struggle to get the show started, vicariously cruise a gay website, and puzzle over the current state of father/daughter relationships.

SModcast 47: Destroy All MonstersKevin Smith
Scott Mosier
Harley Quinn SmithApril 21, 200847

In which our heroes are visited by a special guest, discuss disturbing defecation, inadvertently brag about the size of a shower, puzzle over plumbing, worry about monsters under the bed, and muse (or Mewes) about a movie that might’ve been.

SModcast 48: Mass holesKevin Smith
Scott Mosier
noneMay 5, 200848

In which our heroes talk about that old time religion, ruminate on the clerical touch, and try to discern the role of the hot tub in Holy Mother Church.

SModcast 49: Attack of the Banantulas Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier
noneMay 12, 200849

In which our heroes cock an eye at a prairie legend, fret over eight legged stalkers, fear a Swedish Holocaust, and take issue with the plausibility of singing underwater.

SModcast 50: Gnome Alone Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier (absent)
Walt FlanaganMay 18, 200850

In which our heroes relate ribald tales of corporate piracy, draw upon the scat games of the short and fantastical, discuss the first generation of hand-held games, and reminisce about the imaginary lengths a boy will go to in an effort to secure some free comic books.

SModcast 51: Sphincter Fresh Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier
noneMay 25, 200851

In which our heroes la-di-da-di, ruminate over good rates for sex, fret over a Nazi-occupied America, and encourage attic nookie.

SModcast 52: (c)Rapture Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier
noneJune 2, 200852

In which our heroes celebrate a milestone, lament the loss of the ultimate weapon, pit the Christ against the AntiChrist, and plot the most amazing movie ever made.

SModcast 53: Meat Curtains Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier
noneJune 9, 200853

In which our heroes talk about beef. Lots.

SModcast 54: SModder's Day Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier (absent)
Harley Quinn SmithJune 16, 200854

In which, fittingly, our heroes talk about childish things.

SModcast 55: Naked ButzKevin Smith
Scott Mosier
noneJune 30 200855

In which our heroes get corny, analyze the father of American obesity, and get a shot of maturity.

SModcast 56: And Now A Word From Our Sponsor Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier
noneJuly 6 2008 56

In which our heroes try to manufacture road rage, enter handy negotiations, draw the line at what they’d do for a Make-a-Wish kid, and catch up with an old bathroom buddy.

SModcast 57: Terrorist PizzaKevin Smith
Scott Mosier
noneJuly 14 2008


In which our heroes wake and bake, party hardly, and face off against a righteously indignant Canadian.

SModcast 58: KodachromeKevin Smith
Scott Mosier
noneJuly 21 2008


In which our heroes talk a little shop, muse over collegiate nudes, wax Parisian, and seek salvation in Shrewsbury.

SModcast 59: Frosh MeatKevin Smith
Scott Mosier (absent)
Walt Flanagan & Bryan JohnsonJuly 28 2008


In which our heroes battle bargain-hunters, jealous lovers, the danger of dills, and misty, water-colored memories of the way they were.

SModcast 60: The Clone WarKevin Smith
Scott Mosier (absent)
Walt Flanagan & Bryan JohnsonAugust 3 2008


In which our heroes marvel over Pillow Babies, thwart an attack by Stalin’s man-apes, and face off over the love of a human Xerox.

SModcast 61: Bridge Beach!Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier (absent)
Walt Flanagan & Bryan JohnsonAugust 11 2008


In which our heroes dream of private tutoring, catalogue questionable laws, survive a star cros't love affair, rally against lawn art, and unwittingly seduce a funny-book merchant.

SModcast 62: The Human QuiltKevin Smith
Scott Mosier
noneAugust 24 2008


In which our heroes accost a rocker in the cereal aisle, get unruly on a plane, fear the wrath of a pent-up Paul Bunyan, and go to the movies.

SModcast 63: SMod-KushedKevin Smith
Scott Mosier
noneSeptember 1 2008


In which our heroes are joined by their friend Herb.

SModcast 64: Farewell and AdieuKevin Smith
Scott Mosier
noneSeptember 28 2008


In which one of our heroes cheats certain death, and the other one is Kevin.

SModcast 65: Captain Kev and Mister ScottKevin Smith
Scott Mosier
noneOctober 13 2008


In which our heroes race with the devil, question a non-singing moon-walker, and make contact with the most aloof alien in the galaxy.

SModcast 66: Sleipner the ConquererKevin Smith
Scott Mosier
noneOctober 20 2008


In which our heroes get political, war the world, and await the annual arrival of Odin.

SModcast 67: The New CenturionsKevin Smith
Scott Mosier
noneOctober 26 2008


In which our heroes confront the civic perils of making a porno, debate the innocence of youth, discuss the responsibilities of parenthood, witness the genesis of a northern superhero team, and try to unravel the mystery of one boy’s vestigal gills.

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