Shannon Hamilton is a character from Mallrats played by Ben Affleck.

In the film, Shannon is the manager of the Eden Prairie Mall's Fashionable Male clothing store. He is the arch enemy of Brodie Bruce, a local mallrat and a major character in the film. It is revealed that Shannon is dating Bruce's ex-girlfriend Rene Mosier, who dumped Bruce that morning and also has "no respect for people with no shopping agenda".

Tricia Jones reveals that she had sex with Hamilton as research for her book Borgasm: A Study of the 90s Male Sexual Prowess. She even taped their sexual encounter.

During the Truth or Date game show, Bruce announces his love for Rene, which sets Hamilton off. Just before he can strike Bruce, Silent Bob starts the video tape of Hamilton and Tricia Jones' sexual encounter that is played on the Truth or Date big screens. When Bruce tells the police that Jones is 15 years old, Hamilton is arrested for statutory rape (while protesting "I thought she was 36!"). During the conclusion, it is said that "Shannon made a lot of friends at the Rahway State Correctional Facility" and see a hand wrap around Hamilton’s, with "Love" tattooed on his fingers. (In the 10th Anniversary cut, Shannon screams in agony as well.)

Shannon is mentioned in Chasing Amy, when Alyssa Jones says he had sex with him in college, only to have a tape of their sexual encounter be broadcast all over campus. In Clerks: The Comic Book, Shannon's face is seen on a milk carton which says he is missing.

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