T.S. Quint (referred to as T.S. by friends) is one of the main characters in Mallrats. He was portrayed by Jeremy London.


In the film, T.S. is having trouble with his girlfriend Brandi Svenning dealing with her extremely protective father. He tries to convince her to go to Florida, where he planned to propose to her at Universal Studios when "Jaws pops out of the water". This was ruined, however, when Brandi had to fill in for Julie Dwyer on her father's Truth or Date television pilot. T.S., showing his frustration, causes Brandi to break up with him.

Filled with despair, T.S. joins fellow newly dumped friend Brodie Bruce on a day trip to the Eden Prairie Mall. Amongst many activities, the two realize that Mr. Svenning's Truth or Date is being filmed live at the mall that evening. After being kicked out by mall security under Svenning's orders, Brodie and T.S. get sage-like advise from a topless psychic in a dirt mall and return to Eden Prairie to stop the dating show. The duo successfully sabotage the show and T.S. finally proposes to Brandi, ending up with the two sharing a kiss.

In an epilogue to the film, it is revealed that T.S. and Brandi got married after they graduated at Universal Studios in Florida. They share their first husband-to-wife kiss just as Jaws pops out of the water.

In the extended cut of Mallrats, more is added to the story; while at the 37th Annual Governor's Ball, T.S., dressed as a Revolutionary Soldier for a musical at the event, gets a musket tied up in Brandi's hair while on the roof of the high school where the event is being held. The governor’s security believe it's an assassination attempt and the event turns into a shoot out. The governor is injured and ruins the chance of Svenning getting a check from her. Throughout this version, people in the mall recognize T.S. from television, to which he responds "I got a musket tied up in my girlfriend's hair for God's sakes". This line of the plot is referenced in the theatrical version of film when one of the television producers mentions the Governor's ball to Svenning.