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The Flying Car is a six-minute 2002 short film written and directed by Kevin Smith. It features View Askewniverse characters Dante Hicks and Randal Graves, who were introduced in Clerks.

While stuck in a traffic jam, the two have another philosophical, pop-culture-laden conversation — this one sparked when Randal asks Dante what he would hypothetically sacrifice in exchange for marketing rights to a flying car.

It is similar to the scene in the original movie where they are driving to the wake. In both they are in a car and Randal convinces Dante a situation (in the original: performing oral sex on yourself, in this scene: losing a foot and being raped by a German scientist and his friends in exchange for the flying car) isn't as perverse as it sounds, then calls him a pervert for agreeing with him.

The short film was the first commissioned for The Tonight Show and premiered there on February 27, 2002. It also appears on the 10th anniversary Clerks. X DVD.

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