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Tricia Jones first appeared in the film Mallrats. She was portrayed by Renee Humphrey.

Tricia is the 15-year-old sister of Alyssa Jones and the author of Boregasm, a look into the sex drive of men between the ages of 14 and 35, which was later made into a movie.

While writing the book, she kept a journal of all the men with whom she had sex, and video taped every experience. The archived videos were used to help Brodie Bruce win back his ex-girlfriend, Rene, from his arch-nemesis Shannon Hamilton.

Upon Brodie's urgent request, she gave Jay the tape of her sexual encounter with Shannon. Silent Bob was able to hack into the video output and play the tape during the live taping of Truth or Date. Shannon was thereafter arrested for statutory rape.

In the comic series Chasing Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob are seen living with Tricia, only to be kicked out after months of loafing around (and after Jay spied on her in the shower). It is revealed that she had slept with Silent Bob as part of research for Boregasm.

Tricia also makes a brief appearance in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, where she discuses The Bluntman and Chronic Movie with Alyssa.


Tricia is briefly mentioned in Chasing Amy, when her sister Alyssa Jones informed Holden McNeil via telephone that her "sister is in town", to which McNeil replies, "the one who wrote the book?"