• Miri "These are the exact circumstances people find themselves in right before they start having sex for money. What, you have an idea?"
Zack: "We could make a porno!"
Miri "Not the idea I was looking for."


  • Zack: "Is there softcore gay porn? Like hugging and kissing and you know telling each other how cool the other guy is?"

  • Zack: "You just explain to your private beforehand, 'Look! This doesn't mean anything. We're just doing this for cash."

  • Deacon: "What, you've never thought about the repercussions of sleeping with a chick you've known your whole life? What are you, slow?"

  • Delaney: "I love the movies." -- when the first girl pulls up her shirt at the audtions.

  • Bubbles: "It's just a little something I picked up doing bachelor parties." ... [pop]
Delaney: "Her name Bubbles."

  • Zack: "I apologize in advance if I am out of line here, but are you in gay porn?"
Brandon: "Guilty as charged."

  • Miri: Don't thank me, just fuck me.

  • Miri: I fuck a lot.

  • Zack: So you guys suck each others' cock, huh?

  • Zack: (referring to a gay couple) They fight just like real people!

  • Zack: It's like Coca-Cola or Pepsi... with dicks in it.

  • Delaney: There's no such thing as free titties.

Deacon: They're on the island, they're off the island. Who can follow that shit?

  • Deacon: That chick frosted me like I was a fuckin' cake!

  • Zack: Hello Miriam
Miri: Beat it, we're talking.
Zack: I just wanted to introduce you to Brandon.
Brandon: Salutations.
Zack: Bobby's boyfriend.
Miri: Bobby who?
Bobby: Bobby me.
Brandon: Bobby Long.
Zack: Brandon... uh... is the star of such adult fare as... what was that one called again?
Brandon: "You Better Shut Your Mouth Or I'm Gonna Fuck It"
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